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Tue 30-Jul-2019 New Brunswick, Quebec, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Quebec City to Mactaquac PP

Quebec City to Mactaquac PP

Today’s drive felt like two separate areas. In the beginning I commented how straight and uninteresting the Trans Canadian Highway was. Mostly smooth, but rough places from time to time.

Then, after two hours, David went to take a nap. Soon the left side of the road had an extensive marsh, then the river had huge rock islands. Then we started to climb. The views reminded me of western Massachusetts — farm land and high hills. Granite cut throughs. It was spectacular. It was also nice to see signs in both English and French again. Makes it easier for us Anglophones.

The road into Mactaquac PP took us across a high hydroelectric dam on the St. John River. It provides 1/8 of the electricity for the entire province of New Brunswick.

Unfortunately, the cold front that is slowly working it’s way across the US has not made it here. We pulled into the Mactaquac PP in 91-degrees heat. We are stopping here because, unlike the Walmart down the road, we have electric. Unlike the Walmart down the road we have to pay for a site. Worth it. We will run the AC for a while.

The first site they assigned was so out-of-level that we went back for a second. This one is only slightly better, but with 4-inches of leveling blocks we made it work. This is an interesting PP — there are a number of sites which people seem to rent for the entire season — have seen this at county parks, but never at a state or provincial park. Good, fast ATT service.

We had an nice dinner of egg, potatoes, and onions with a salad. It is still so warm that we are now enjoying the air conditioning.

We hope the heat will break tomorrow. This is so unusual.