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Sat 27-Jul-2019 Quebec, Travel | | Map

Lusk Cave Trail

Lusk Cave Trail

Enjoyed a lovely hike today — just over five miles. Although it was hot, there was a pleasant breeze most of the day.

The hike was a nice loop that took us on a trail along the shore of Lake Philippe to a cave. Most of the rock in this area is granite but there was a seam of marble that eroded away to form a cave. As it turns out, in order to enter the cave, one has to swim through water and under a rock. We decided not to, but we’re amazed by the crowds of people who had come outfitted in bathing suits, goggles, and head lamps. In fact, I don’t think we have ever seen so many people on a five mile hike. But it was a hot Saturday.

The return trail from the cave took us through a hardwood forest (primarily maple and beech). This route was a little longer and also rugged as there were many roots and marshy places to contend with. It appeared that most people walked out the beach path and returned that way.

As it was 85-degrees and we had just walked over five miles we changed into suits and enjoyed a swim in the lake. The lake bottom is sand with a few shells and stones. Lots of people enjoying the beach.