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Mon 29-Jul-2019 Quebec, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Gatineau PP to Quebec City

Gatineau PP to Quebec City

Nice day. We left Gatineau PP and headed east. First stop was a Best Buy to get a new disc drive. Long story why we needed that. There was a grocery in the same area, Adonis, so we shopped for fresh veggies and dairy. As nice as the store was we were not able to get everything we needed. So, onward.

The drive was pleasant with views of the Ottawa River and the St. Lawrence from time to time. We crossed the latter at Trois-Rivieres and ended up across the river from Quebec City — in Levis— in a Walmart parking lot. Most surprised to find at least 17 RVs here by dinner time and 26 by our bedtime. More surprised when people brought out their chairs and tables (and even a grill) and ate dinner in the parking lot — we did. It was just too hot to stay in the van — 86-degrees. Supposed to get down to 69-degrees tonight, but that is not much to look forward to.

Since our French is limited to what we have read on the back of food cartons and bags, driving in Quebec is a bit more of a challenge. Fortunately every exit has a number, so matching is easy, but the words that the GPS says are hard to match to the signs.

Morning postscript: I had to run into the Walmart this morning for somethings we needed to top off our groceries. As I walked back to the van the OCD side of me started counting RVs. 47! Some had already left, so I would guess at least 50 spent the night here. Quiet except for some road noise from the TransCanada Highway and a nearby rail crossing that necessitates a whistle being blown. Good fast, ATT service.