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Wed 24-Jul-2019 Ontario, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Chutes Provincial Park

Chutes Provincial Park

Very lazy day. Rain for a few hours in the morning which pleased David who wanted to watch/listen to Mueller testifying. Janet spent the time reading about the Maritimes and reading a novel — Where the Crawdads Sing. Enjoyed the latter a great deal in spite of a great deal of sadness.

Once David had had enough of the testimony and the weather had cleared, we headed out for a complete circuit of the Two Bridges Trail. Great walk. The trail is mostly covered in spruce and pine needles — very springy and fragrant. In places there is gravel which is fine except for the few places there is gravel on downhill slopes. One always worries about sliding down — like on walnuts and acorns on our paths at home. Totally enjoyed the hike with views of the water and pine/oak/birch/maple woods. Highly recommend this hike to anyone in the area.

Returned home to build a fire on which David cooked pork tenderloin and a mix of cauliflower, onions, peas, and corn with oyster sauce as a seasoning. That, plus salad, made a great dinner.