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Island on Sand Lake

Mon 17-Jun-2019 Ontario |

On Saturday we headed to the Elmore family island in Ontario Canada where we had not visited since 2003.  Such a good time.  so much the same, so much... more

Rochester reunion

Sat 15-Jun-2019 New York |

In Rochester we had a wonderful visit with Lucy and Jake Shealy and Udo Fehn and wife Christine Long.  While there Lucy and Jake hosted a lively dinner with more old... more

Rochester memories

Fri 14-Jun-2019 New York, Travel |

We visited Rochester for two days taking a few minutes to visit our old haunts — we had lived there from 1968 until 1989. David took pictures of our houses on... more

Peggie and Sue visit West Lafayette

Fri 7-Jun-2019 Events |

Cousins Peggy and Sue came for a week visit. What a great time. Besides overeating, we also enjoyed a trip to a resale shop where Peggy found some lovely clothes at a... more