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Fri 2-Oct-2015 Travel, Wisconsin | | Map

Madison WI

Steven and Sarah have a new cabin in northern Wisconsin and need a few things for it, so we rented a small U-Haul trailer and headed to Madison today.   The trailer was packed with bunk beds and mattresses and bedding for them, a new chain saw, our small row boat, and apples.

It was great to see Wyatt when we arrived and the rest of the family when they returned from work and school.  Wyatt had a birthday party and sleepover planned, but the rest of us headed out to dinner at a marvelous Laotian restaurant.  Every dish was fabulous, but the grilled salmon in sauce was outstanding.  Must figure out how to make that.

We enjoyed the drive through Madison.  It is such a bustling place. Every restaurant was packed and their were lots of people on the streets.  If we could get more of our kids to move there, I think we would too…