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Sat 10-Oct-2015 Travel, Wisconsin | 0 comments | Map

Two Lakes Campground

Two Lakes Campground

A few more words about Two Lakes NFS CG.  We took a walk around the closed sections this morning and were reminded that this is one of the nicest campgrounds we have visited.  Most of the sites have a lake view and are big.  Huge oaks and maples tower over the sites, all of which are in full fall color right now.  Lots of birds.  Even in the middle of summer when we have been here, there are a few open sites.  I would guess that some people are turned away by the lack of electricity and pit toilets.  They are missing a nice stay.

From Two Lakes we headed back to Steven and Sarah’s cabin by a “southern” route which took up through Clam Lake in the Chequamegon NF.  We stopped at the Elkhorn Lodge there to treat ourselves to lunch.  Turned out not to be a treat.  The lodge was as expected, a cozy bar with a wood paneled dining room.  It was busy, but since we were after the lunch rush, not too busy.  The waitress took our order and brought us our water.  We then waited for 45 minutes for our pulled pork sandwiches — something that just needs to be slapped on a roll.  As we waited I wanted more water, but our waitress wouldn’t look at me as she went by even though I spoke up.  I finally got up and asked another waitress what the problem was in the kitchen.  She was horrified that we had waited so long.  In less than five minutes we had our lunch.  Our waitress returned to apologize that our “order had slipped down a crack in the kitchen.” (!)  I’m afraid I wasn’t 100% nice.  I pointed out a good witress should use her eyes — look at her tables and check that they have everyting they need — even water.  They comped our meal.

Elkhorn Lodge Review:  Clean and nice.  Frequented by locals and hunters.  Food was good when we finally got it, but not outstanding.  We had ordered the special of the day — pulled pork — thinking it would be delivered faster than something from the grill.  Wrong.  Even though they were nice enough to comp our meal, I would look for another bar/lodge/supper club in the area the next time.