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Off to Oregon

Tue 11-Jul-2023 Travel, Wisconsin |

Amanda’s wedding is July 22, and we are heading out in Savanna to Bend early so we can stop to visit family in Madison and do some sightseeing and hiking on the... more

Wisconsin Visit

Sat 20-Jul-2019 Travel, Wisconsin |

We started our trip to eastern Canada with a drive north through Wisconsin – visiting family along the way.  Our first stop was at cousin Kathleen’s... more

Madison Area

Mon 25-Jun-2018 Travel, Wisconsin |

We headed to the Madison Area to visit David’s cousin Kathleen, Steven and Sarah, and Emily. At Kathleen’s we enjoyed good cooking, and were able to help... more

Doering Natural Area

Tue 19-Jun-2018 Travel, Wisconsin |

Most of the trails within walking distance of our site are ATV trails — basically narrow roads. So this morning we took a short drive to the Doering Natural Area where... more

Sailor Lake NF Campground

Mon 18-Jun-2018 Travel, Wisconsin |

We headed west on WI-70 looking for a National or State forest campground with ATT service. We settled on the Sailor Lake CG. We have a large, private site with a view... more

Ojibwa City Park

Sun 17-Jun-2018 Travel, Wisconsin |

We woke this morning to a torrential downpour. Biggest storm intensity and duration yet. Streams of water came down either side of the road and our fire pit was filled... more