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Sat 3-Oct-2015 Travel, Wisconsin | 0 comments | Map

Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

Steven and Sarah have bought a great little cabin in the woods near Mercer, WI.  It’s on a point on Long Lake.  The cabin is small, but has room for 8 to sleep, and very clean and tidy.

After our trip up on Saturday (about 4 hours), we put together the bunk beds (Clay declared them comfortable) and put the row boat into the water.  Clay took it for a row.  I have never laughed so hard.  He rowed it backwards — pushing the oars away from himself, but with great rhythm and balance.  If he can learn to pull, he will be a great rower.

The rest of the day was consumed with a repair job (Steven), quadcopter (David), and checkers (Clay and Janet).  Dinner was leftover casseroles from last weekend.

Sunday included more rowing (Clay finally began to pull) and kayaking and a trip to the hardware store.  Great hardware store — basically one of everything one would ever need.

Steve and Clay headed back to Madison in the late afternoon.  David and I sat around their fire ring and watched the sun set while listening to Pachyderm Parade (WORT Madision) — Wyatt’s first Sunday of the month (6:30) radio show. The evening was cool, but the fire, and later Vanessa, kept us warm.  Dinner was chicken breast, cabbage salad, and green salad.