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Saguaro National Park West

Sun 31-Jan-2016 Arizona, Travel |

This morning we drove through and hiked from a loop in the Saguaro National Park West, a place we had never visited before. Spectacular cacti set against the mountains.... more

Tucson Mountain Park

Sat 30-Jan-2016 Arizona, Travel |

Tucson Mountain Park is a county park to the west of Tucson with a great campground (Gilbert Ray) and easy access to the Desert Museum, Old Tucson, Park Saguaro... more

Rockhound State Park

Fri 29-Jan-2016 New Mexico, Travel |

There are not many public places to stay along the Interstate 10 corridor through New Mexico, but we found a delightful state park to the south of the interstate near... more

Davis Mountains State Park

Thu 28-Jan-2016 Texas, Travel |

Since we couldn’t hike at Seminole Canyon State Park, we headed west. While I was driving, David selected our next stop: Davis Mountain State Park. This park is... more

Seminole Canyon State Park

Wed 27-Jan-2016 Texas, Travel |

After leaving Eagle Pass, we had a relatively short drive to the Seminole Canyon State Park about 35 miles west of Del Rio. Unfortunately it was raining, but we secured... more

Mission to Eagle Pass TX

Mon 25-Jan-2016 Texas, Travel |

Today we drove most of the day — from Mission TX to Eagle Pass TX. We made stops in several small towns just to walk enough to stretch our legs. Most of these... more

Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley SP

Sun 24-Jan-2016 Texas, Travel |

This morning we had a pleasant 6+ mile walk through the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park. The park located right along the Rio Grande is a prime stopover point for... more

Mustang Island State Park

Fri 22-Jan-2016 Texas, Travel |

Last year on our way north we had spent a night at Mustang Island State Park, but it was so windy, rainy, and cold that we were unable to enjoy the beach. Today we... more