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Fri 3-Jun-2016 Events, Swarthmore HS '66 50th | 0 comments | Map

SHS’66 – Kick-Off Party

SHS’66 – Kick-Off Party

After dinner on our own, we congregated at the Swarthmore Community Center (SCC) located behind the Presbyterian Church — remember our baccalaureate ceremony 50 years ago.  The SCC has a large air conditioned (thank goodness) room where we could hug, exclaim, visit, and drink beer and wine or other beverages.  Joe Dell’Orefice had brought a trailer filled with cool drinks.  Jo-Ann Dumm Johnson had used her artistic skills to turn the room into a beach party complete with palm trees and paper monkeys.  Anne Trevaskis Panfil had made name tags for all with our 1966 pictures and names in very large type!  I admit to having difficulty recognizing some — David Tolley — and no trouble with others — Dave Spackman, Ida Hay, Tim Filler, and Eric Sundquist.  Lots of wrinkles, some fatter, some thinner, gray and white hair, a few limps (one walker) and lots of bifocals, but the amazing thing was how much everyone was the same.

A couple of our former teachers joined the crowd — Mr Groff and Mr Heath.   There were so many new stories to add to the saga which began 50 years ago.  Everyone was so enjoying being together that the trivia contest that had been planned was canceled and when cleanup time came, many hung on to help just so they could talk a little longer — and maybe to finish the beer.

All photos by David Elmore, and blog text and titles by Janet Fox Elmore. Click on the printer icon to order prints from David’s company, Click elsewhere on the thumbnail to view a full-screen slideshow. On a PC you can remove the top browser banner with F11. From the slideshow view you can add comments on individual photos. Below you can see where the photos were taken.



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