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Fri 3-Jun-2016 Events, Swarthmore HS '66 50th | | Map

SHS’66 – High School Tour

SHS’66 – High School Tour

Our amazing reunion committee started our weekend by arranging a tour of the high school — now Swarthmore-Rutledge Elementary School.  In some ways the building is the same, but the size of the desks and chairs made clear it is an elementary school.  As we wandered through the building we could still locate the rooms used by Mr Yocum, Miss Zimmer, Mr Henderson, Coach Bernhardt, Mr Law, and many others.

The auditorium remains, but seemed smaller.  Mrs. Willett’ office is now a guidance office.  The cafeteria looked the same, but now has round tables.  The tennis nets have been replaced with basketball hoops. They are using every bit of space in the building — closets have become classrooms as have the girls’ locker rooms.

I felt a little sorry for the lady trying to lead the tour.  It was a bit like herding cats as we wandered the building and also tried to catch up with people, some of whom we hadn’t seen in 20 to 50 years.

Identification of group picture:

Standing: Jon Jackson, Mark Anderson, Richard Cunliffe, Sandy Harrison Favret, Cindy Fox, Larry Keller, Tony Michel, Dick Piccard, Dave Cohen, Bill Bower, Claudia Coit Cohen, Jack Peterman, June Hoch, Sam Caldwell, Ann Townes, Bob Silzle, Dave Tolley, Eric Sundquist, Mr Groff, Janet Fox Elmore

Kneeling Middle: Ida Hay, Alex McNeil, Joe Dell’Orefice, Frank Chapman, Bill Cushing

Sitting:  Dave Thompson, Jenny Grier Anderson, Carol Brennan, Wilda Fowler Cushing, Jill Spencer McNeil, Linda Estabrook Gilbert, Jack Price, Dave Welbourn

All photos by David Elmore, and blog text and titles by Janet Fox Elmore. Click on the printer icon to order prints from David’s company, Click elsewhere on the thumbnail to view a full-screen slideshow. On a PC you can remove the top browser banner with F11. From the slideshow view you can add comments on individual photos. Below you can see where the photos were taken.