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Mon 13-Jun-2016 Massachusetts, Travel | | Map

Wells State Park

Wells State Park

From Plymouth we headed north and west — not quite sure where we would spend the night. After some grocery shopping we decided on Wells State Park, partly because the traffic on I-90 was so slow making us ready to stop driving. Lots of Sunday traffic heading back into Connecticut and New York City.

Wells State Park is beautiful — stately oaks and maples mixed with a few pines. On Monday we walked the south and north trail loop with a stop for lunch at Cathedral Rocks. The paths are clear, well-marked and soft with pine needles. I think New England woods are among my favorites for walking. Except for the occasional mosquito, they would be perfect.

The other conspicuous bug is the gypsy moth caterpillar. They are everywhere in the oaks. One can hear their poop as it rains down from the trees and pieces of leaves litter the ground. We are told this is a particularly bad year for them.

Wells State Park Campground review: The sites are remarkably large and mostly level. The exterior loop road is paved and easy to navigate, but the camping loops are unpaved and would be difficult, if not impossible, for a big rig to navigate. There are bathrooms, water stations, and a dump. Amenities at the campsites include the usual fire ring, picnic table, hanging hook, and a hibachi. Trash is collected near the main entrance — a bit of a walk. There are sites on a ridge above the pond or sites along the lake which tend to be smaller and closer together.