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Fri 17-Jun-2016 Massachusetts, Travel | | Map

Mount Greylock

Mount Greylock

Mount Greylock is the tallest mountain in Massachusetts and can be climbed by car. This morning we drove up, a slow, steep climb and took a 2.5 mile loop hike around the summit — Lookout trail to Hopper Trail to a piece of the Appalachian Trail. Great walk, rugged in places, but only one view out into the mountains. Otherwise, except for a pond, the view is hemlock, pine, spruce, and maple. I’m not complaining though, I enjoyed it greatly.

We had taken the Northern route (Notch Road) up from North Adams so we drove home on the south route which seemed less steep, but longer.

At the bottom we made one short detour to see if we could find the west end of the Hoosac Tunnel. We found the dirt road we believed led to it, but didn’t end up walking it as there was no good place to park the van.

After a dinner cooked over a fire, we chatted with another Sportsmobile owner who has a Sprinter build that he and his wife live in full time. Fun to see how others have outfitted theirs.

Tomorrow we head home.