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Mon 14-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Fairbanks III

Fairbanks III

Another day of heavy rain and the resulting mud. For a place that is supposed to be a near-desert, this one sure is getting a lot of rain. Again there was little to see and photograph.

We left Five Mile Camp and headed south. Soon the check engine light went off, but it came back and our old electrical problem that we had experienced in May came back. Some electrical functions shut off and many nonsensical warning messages appeared on the dash. The electrical function we missed the most was windshield wipers. Fortunately, David figured out how to make them work, and we limped along to Fairbanks.

In Fairbanks we spent a long time in a car wash removing the Dalton Highway mud from our vehicle. Then we went to the laundermat next door to remove the mud from our clothes. Then we went to Walmart and spent the evening in their parking lot, with a lot of other RVs. We had called the Freightliner dealer repair shop here, and they will try to make time to see our van tomorrow afternoon. The service rep asked how long we planned to be in Fairbanks. My answer was “Until you fix our problem.”

It poured all night.