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Kickapoo River

Sat 9-Aug-2014 Travel, Wisconsin | 0 comments

With Steven and his family we canoed for about 5 hours on the Kickapoo River. Steve and Sarah had brought their trusty Grumman canoe, Magnolia, and we rented a canoe... more

Wildcat Mountain

Fri 8-Aug-2014 Travel, Wisconsin | 0 comments

Again headed south in the morning with a stop at the grocery store to add to our fresh vegetable supply. After a quick stop for a picnic lunch in Black River Falls, we... more


Thu 7-Aug-2014 Minnesota, Travel, Wisconsin | 0 comments

Today was just a quiet day of driving through MN toward Duluth, then down Route 53 into WI. We crossed the Mississippi River for the second time, so we are now on the... more


Wed 6-Aug-2014 Minnesota, Travel | 0 comments

Janet has always been interested in visiting Bemidji, MN, but only interested enough to go if it was on a convenient route when traveling. David had worked with... more


Tue 5-Aug-2014 Minnesota, Travel | 0 comments

Flat, flat, and more flat. As we drove toward Winnipeg the land became even flatter and the size of the fields became even larger. Canola, wheat, and flax were still... more


Mon 4-Aug-2014 Manitoba, Travel | 0 comments

Just east of Saskatoon, Route 16 turned into a two lane highway. The terrain remained flat and mostly agricultural. Along the way we saw a number of interesting, and at... more


Sun 3-Aug-2014 Saskatchewan, Travel | 0 comments

Today we just drove a short way, about 80 miles to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We needed a “housekeeping day” and the city seemed like a good place. We found a... more


Sat 2-Aug-2014 Alberta, Travel | 0 comments

Today we traveled Route 16 from west of Edmonton to east of Edmonton. The road, except for brief times when towns are near the road, is a wide four-lane divided highway... more

Icefields Again

Fri 1-Aug-2014 Alberta, Travel | 0 comments

The weather started out a little hazy, but as we drove into the park, it improved until by afternoon we had sun and high clouds. Coming back to Jasper was a great idea... more