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Tue 8-Jul-2014 Alaska, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Leaving Denali NP

Leaving Denali NP

We packed up at Teklanika CG and said good-bye to our old friends and newly met ones. The road back to the park entrance is just 29 miles, but it took over two hours because it is slightly rough gravel, and we had to stop for pictures. We had basically missed this part of the road last week what with the rain and fog.

At Riley Campground we selected a site, ate a late lunch, did the wash, and caught up on email, blogs, and other computer tasks. The campground has no vacancies today, but that doesn’t mean that all the spaces are occupied tonight. It is too bad that people make and pay for reservations, but then never show up. It means that others who want to stay are denied access. I’ve been thinking about different ways to deal with the problem, but each is fraught with its own problems.

Dinner was soup and a huge salad – tomorrow we shop for produce again so we could go wild.