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Sat 11-Mar-2017 New Mexico, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Simon Ranch Hike

Simon Ranch Hike

When we checked in at City of Rocks, we noticed a sign offering a Ranch guided tour for the 11th. We signed up, not being too sure what we getting into.

Our morning hike started from the visitors’ center where we met the other 10 people in our group.  From there we drove in our own cars to the Simon Ranch about 10 miles away. The 1030 acre ranch was sold to the state by the Simon family about 5 years ago. The land is maintained by the Division of Game and Fish, but the park runs one walk a month on the property. This was only the second such walk.

Our leader was a very knowledgeable birder who identified most of the birds we ended up seeing by their calls. Since it was an overcast morning and “between seasons” for the birds, we saw just a few — flickers, juncos, a kestrel, ravens, and sparrows. The walk was very interesting anyway. We paralleled the Mimbres River, which was flowing briskly, and walked through head high grass and among cottonwoods, willow, and alder.

We returned to our site to watch the Michigan basketball game and David went up among the rocks to take more rock pictures. The day which had started out overcast and calm became sunny and breezy. Love this New Mexico weather.



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