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Fri 10-Mar-2017 New Mexico, Travel | 0 comments | Map

City of Rocks, NM

City of Rocks, NM

We took a walk around the campground -2.2 miles. Started early as it’s quite warm. The views out to the plains are amazing.

We returned to our site to listen to the Purdue-Michigan game which turned out to have a poor ending. Unfortunately, after sitting outside for a while, we decided we needed to find another site — bees. We had had quite a few around our van yesterday, but assumed they had been attracted to our fruit peels in the van trash — we emptied that after Janet was stung by one which found its way into the van. Today David was stung while he sat in the shade near the van.

We easily found a large private site with a shade tree and great view to the west. There were a number of good choices as a number of people were leaving today — a bit surprising for a Friday morning, but I am sure they will fill up tonight.

In the late afternoon, when the air had cooled down, we took a walk through the rock city.  It’s rather amazing to walk among these soft giant rocks.  The amount of space between the perimeter road is much larger than it would appear.  We were amazed by one rock that seemed to float above the surface — just a couple of tiny points supported this huge rock.



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