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Fri 1-Sep-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments | Map

Kolob Terrace Road

Kolob Terrace Road

Our stay at Watchman Campground ended and we left the park.  Since our reserved site at the commercial campground we had chosen was not yet available, be headed out Kolob Terrace Road for the day.

The drive, about 20 miles to our turn around, was full of interesting views and hikes — but it was just too hot.  One was intriguing, the Subway, but it involved repelling,  60 feet of rope and a permit.  Janet wasn’t up to that 20 years ago.

We finished the morning at Lava Point which has great views of the backside of the Zion Canyon.  We had lunch there while enjoying the view, then headed back.  There are lots of interesting hikes along this road, IF you start early in the morning.

Our campground, Zion Canyon Campground and Quality Inn is just outside the park boundaries.  It really is very pleasant with pool, TV, WiFi, laundry, and full hookups.  Just twice the cost of the NP campsite (actually four times for us foggy-doggies with a Senior Pass). Some of the sites here are excellent — right on the river.  Ours is not one the river, but plenty large and sports a shade tree.  A good place to spend the holiday weekend when the park was reserved — back in April.  Plus, we can walk to restaurants if we choose.



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