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Panorama Trail

Sat 9-Sep-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments

It rained overnight and continued in the morning. Not hard rain, just a gentle pitter-patter. The ranger said this rain is common at this time of the year as it is the... more

Kodachrome State Park

Fri 8-Sep-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments

The day started out gray and cool. We walked over to the .5 mile Nature Trail. Nice. Meandering trail among smooth Navajo Sandstone with hoodoos and columns. Across the... more

Panguitch Area

Wed 6-Sep-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments

Most of today we spent driving a big loop, south on 148, east on 14, north on 89, turning west onto 143 at Panguitch, then after a quick trip to see the ski resort at... more

Cedar Breaks Hiking

Tue 5-Sep-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments

Cedar Breaks is very much like Bryce Canyon. It has a huge amphitheater 3-miles across and 2000 feet deep with hoodoos, spires, and twisting canyons. At over 10,000... more

Springdale UT

Sun 3-Sep-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments

We decided to have a lazy day, spent reading, doing a bit of laundry, and picture editing. We walked south into Springdale for a mid-afternoon dinner at a Chinese... more