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Sat 4-Jun-2016 Events, Swarthmore HS '66 50th | 0 comments | Map

SHS’66 – Happy Hour

SHS’66 – Happy Hour

Class members and some of our former teachers gathered at the Sprinhaven Country Club for dinner preceded by an hour of mingling.  About 70 classmates, some spouses, and a few teachers had more time to catch up.  Bill and Wilda Fowler Cushing had brought Putty Willetts over for the hour — she obviously enjoyed reminiscing.  Also in attendance were Mr. Groff and Mrs. Gabel.

When we were called into dinner, classmates gathered for one group picture.  As I look at this picture I realize that there are people with whom I  missed talking — which makes me sad.  Also, in a group this size, there are some of you who will find it is not your best “side” — sorry from the camera man, my husband David.  He apologizes.

Identification for group picture with apologies from Janet if I spelled your name wrong:

Far Back:  Linda Lane Carrano, Ed Jackson, Frank Snyder, Jerry Hebble, Mark Steciw, Bill Cushing, Larry Keller, Dave Thompson, Larry Luder, Tony Michel, Sandy Irving, Bill Allen, Jack Renshaw, Jill Spencer McNeil

Second from back: Bill Bower, Weemie Toland Kingham, Jeff Innis, Jim Elliott, Dave Bennett, Sandy Harrison Favret, Jack Price, Gary Baskin, Frank Chapman, Dave Tolley, Pete Weber, Dave Spackman, Eric Sundquist, Jim Kent, Claudia Coit Cohen, Ida Hay

Third from back: Minnie Zanzinger Ullman, Carol Brennan, Ann Whittier Kane, Carol Johnson, June Hoch, Debby Torrey Meltz, Linda Estabrook Gilbert, Richard Cunliffe, Anne Trevaskis Panfil, Tim Filler

On chairs: Kay Ellis, Cindy Fox, Janet Fox Elmore, Wilda Fowler Cushing, Jo-Ann Dumm Johnson, Bob Silzle, Jenny Grier Anderson, Joe Dell’Orefice, Linda Patchell Abrams, Dave Welbourn

On Floor: Roger Ullman, Alex McNeil, Jon Jackson, Jack Peterman, Pete Barus, Mark Anderson, Sam Caldwell, Dave Cohen, Ann Townes

All photos by David Elmore, and blog text and titles by Janet Fox Elmore. Click on the printer icon to order prints from David’s company, Click elsewhere on the thumbnail to view a full-screen slideshow. On a PC you can remove the top browser banner with F11. From the slideshow view you can add comments on individual photos. Below you can see where the photos were taken.



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