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Wed 1-Mar-2023 Texas, Travel | | Map

Garner SP Trails

Garner SP Trails

Today we undertook a challenging loop that took us to one of the high points in the park with good views of the surrounding area and the park. We started on the Wild Hirse Creek Trail and then the Old Horse Trail.. At the Old CCC entrance road we crossed and joined the Foshee Trail. On this we climbed to over 1800 feet. The trail is challenging, but doable even for Janet’s old knees. The Bridges Trail was our route down. It initially took us out to an outlook called Painted Rock from which we had a 270-degree view of the valley below and a good view of Old Baldy. Had we stayed on the Foshee Trail we could have walked a ridge and eventually climbed Mount Baldy.

The beginning of the descent on the Bridges Trail was very difficult. The “steps” in the rocks that had probably been created by the CCC are worn and crumbling. Sometimes the distance down was a lot more than a single step. Fortunately after a while the trail turned into a normal rocky path with switchbacks to handle the elevation change. The entire route was about 2.75 miles and took us about 3 hours. We recommend the hike but suggest you take plenty of water and don’t be in a hurry.

Along the trail are lots of Ashe Juniper (Cedar) and Live Oak. At places along the trail there was a definite floral smell from the purple Texas Mountain Laurel. In general, spring is still a few weeks away although the warm weather — 80-degrees- will be hurrying it along.