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Thu 2-Mar-2023 Texas, Travel | | Map

San Antonio Travel

San Antonio Travel

Our plan for the day:  Drive to San Antonio, visit the Apple Store, and end the day at the Lost Maples Natural Area. Janet’s iPad did not stay fixed after our trip to the Apple Store in El Paso.  She was having problems with dead spots in the keyboard for which one of the solutions is to restart the iPad.  Unfortunately, it once again stalled on restart — the white dot of death.  So off to San Antonio where they reinstalled the operating system once again but also said to return on Monday for a new iPad.

Before leaving Garner we drove to the day use area. From the size of the parking lot, on hot summer days lots of people must come to swim in the shallow lake made by a dam.  There is also a small store stocked with all the grocery items one would need if picnicking but forgot one item at home.
Our route was 83 to 127 to 90.  The drive to San Antonio was nice as it took us to lower elevations where we saw red bud in bloom, trees in bud or small leaf, and daffodils. Corn had been planted and sprouted in Hondo TX. We saw one tractor pulling a planting drill to a field.

After San Antonio we headed up into the hill country to the Lost Apples SP. The route here took us up to 2300 feet and the campground is at 1700, so it is cooler.  Along the way we saw numerous deer and angora goat farms.  We also saw the amusing sign:  Bridges may ice in cold weather.  When else may they ice?

The campground is a single loop with 30 sites, each with a picnic table under shelter, a fire ring, and electric.  Sites 1-15 are quite level, 16-30 not so much.  We have no ATT service here, but not-so-good WiFi  near the park office and the park residence.

Just after we had settled down to eat dinner at the picnic table, the sky turned dark behind us and a cold wind began to blow violently.  It was all we could do to gather our things and move into the van.  The wind kept up for about 15 minutes, shaking the van and whipping the trees, then settled down to a steady blow until the middle of the night.