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Wed 12-Jun-2024 Oregon, Travel | | Map

Deschutes National Forest – Day 3

Deschutes National Forest – Day 3

Amanda, Bo, and Louie came out for a 3-mile walk along the river. We drove in her car to the trailhead. Beautiful walk right next to the water so Louie could collect the sticks we threw to him in the water. It is amazing to watch him calculate the swift current to retrieve the stuck. He returns to the path and puts it down just ahead so we will pick it up when we get there and toss it again. He never seems to tire of this.

We turned back for home after we reached the overlook of Bull Bend. We had viewed it from the other side on Monday night. We could see camping on the other side of the river and a few fishermen. As we walked back we kept pace with a rowboat with occupants fishing. I don’t think Louie bothered them too much, At the very end of our walk we picked up the road back to the trailhead, that way Louie could dry off a bit before loading into the car for his trip home.