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Heading Home

Sun 30-Jul-2023 Nevada, Oregon, Travel |

Google maps chose our route from Collier Memorial State Park to home. We headed south on 97, then east to Oregon 140. The first part of the drive followed streams and... more

Collier Memorial State Park

Sat 29-Jul-2023 Oregon, Travel |

The sites in Collier Campground are shaded, but not too far apart. As David pointed out, even if they were further apart we would not gain much privacy as the shade is... more

Klamath Falls

Fri 28-Jul-2023 Oregon, Travel |

We left Crater Lake NP and headed south to Klamath Falls. There were some pretty stops along the way. Unfortunately there was quite a bit of smoke, first in 5 days, so... more

Crater Lake

Tue 25-Jul-2023 Oregon, Travel |

It was a short drive to Crater Lake NP, but a long wait to enter. While waiting we marveled at the piles of dead pine and spruce debris — we assume to be burned when... more

Fall River Campground

Mon 24-Jul-2023 Oregon, Travel |

Today at Amanda and Brian’s we tried to help them reorganize in preparation for their trip to Iceland — tomorrow.  Brian’s parents came over for a visit. After... more