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Visiting with Bo and his parents

Visiting with Bo and his parents

Having arrived here on Wednesday we have spent 5 nights parked under pines at Amanda, Brian, and Bo’s house. They are so lucky to be living in such a quiet place just outside the Deschutes NF. They have a pond in the front and their back door neighbor is a working ranch though we have yet to see the cattle. I guess the only complaint is that it is mosquito season. Not bad during the warmest part of the day, but they like the cooler evenings.

Bo is settling into his life outside the womb and is growing by inches and pounds. He is a sweet fellow who just loves to be held, rocked, and fed. While here Brian smoked and grilled some great meals for us and friends who have a 6-month old visited. Brian uses a pellet smoker, and a Blackstone, and has a gas Wok on the back patio.

Tomorrow, Monday, we are heading out for a bit of camping along the Deschutes River in the national forest. The days are warm and the nights are very cool so it should be nice.