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Mon 17-Jun-2024 Oregon, Travel | | Map

Bo’s House

Bo’s House

We returned to Bo’s house to visit for 4 nights. We arrived on Friday after completing a few housekeeping chores. A few groceries at the grocery outlet with a later stop at Rat’s for everything we couldn’t get at the outlet. A dump at Gordy;s and a quick stop at the Vegetable man. Groceries are a lot more expensive in LaPine than in west Lafayette

For Friday dinner we drove to Bend for sushi at Okowa. This Japanese style restaurant is close to Brian and Amanda’s old home. Everyone at the bar knew them and exclaimed over Bo. Bo slept through the entire visit.

Saturday I pilled weeds, held Bo, and helped Amanda prepare dinner. — a pulled pork and beans soup with Chios, avocado, and green onion additions. Our walk was just around some of the blocks.

Sunday we drove up part of Mt Pauline to walk along the creek and then further up to the Obsidian trail. The obsidian along the trail is quite amazing, but the upper part of the trail is very rough for a mom carrying a baby and an old grandmother so we sat for a bit while David went further up. Sunday was Fathers’ Day so Brian chose to relax at home and take a creek walk with Louie, For dinner Janet made chicken fritters, green beans, and salad.

Monday, David sent up his drone to check out the neighborhood and Janet pulled more grass. Later, Brian chose to relax at home while David, Amanda, Bo, and I went with Louie to the Peter Selene Ogden trail along Paulina Creek. What a lovely, well-maintained trail. We walked 1.5 miles up and returned the same way. Beautiful views of rapids and some falls. Upon returning home Janet pulled some more weeds and Brian made us a delicious fried rice and stir fry on his propane wok. After watching Brian and enjoying his dinner, I am thinking we may need a propane wok.

We have watched Bo grow and change over the last two weeks. The changes are noticeable. We are heading out for some more camping tomorrow and will return to Bo’s house on the weekend before heading home.