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Evanston WY to Sidney NE

Tue 1-Aug-2023 Nebraska, Travel, Wyoming |

Another day driving through the heat — upper nineties in places. Most of the time in WY we were at 6000 feet or above, so the heat wasn’t so bad. We actually climbed to... more

Eclipse chasing – Plan B

Sat 19-Aug-2017 Travel, Wyoming |

Off to Wyoming for Plan B. Cloud cover predictions Friday for western WY were under 10%, great news! While driving north on Interstate 25 we considered camping in... more

Beartooth Highway

Fri 28-Jun-2013 Travel, Wyoming |

We left Yellowstone at the northeast exit and headed towards Montana on the Beartooth Highway.  The road reaches almost 11,000 feet elevation and most of the... more

Yellowstone Falls and River

Thu 27-Jun-2013 Travel, Wyoming |

Although less spectacular than Mammoth Hot Springs, this is very beautiful scenery.  To get the photo of the rainbow near the falls I had to walk down 300 steps on... more

Tetons and Taggart Lake trail

Tue 25-Jun-2013 Travel, Wyoming |

After leaving the Gros Ventre Wilderness we drove up through Jackson Hole and hiked the loop trail up to Taggart Lake.  We saw Bighorn sheep on a hill along the... more

Gros Ventre Wilderness II

Mon 24-Jun-2013 Travel, Wyoming |

On one of our hikes we found another great camping spot that was much more secluded.  We remembered to carry our can of bear spray when leaving camp.  It... more