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Mon 31-Jul-2023 Nevada, Travel, Utah, Wyoming | | Map

Wells NV to Evanston WY

We really liked our little campsite in Angel Creek NFS campground, but headed east without exploring the lake or trails. The drive was through some spectacular mountains but also flat arid lands.

We stopped at an overlook for the Bonneville salt flats. We could see others driving in the flats, but recall what the salt did to our vehicles when we lived in Rochester so we weren’t interested. The salt crust varies from 5 feet to an inch around the edges. Caution needs to be taken in driving on it because you can break through the thinner areas of crust and get stuck in the mud beneath.

After the salt flats we continued on to the Great Salt Lake SP. It is not much of a park, but had a very nice interpretive display and gave us access to the shore. Some people were swimming, but we opted out. Our grandsons, Wyatt and Clay, had tried swimming in it two weeks ago and found themselves bobbing like a cork. They had camped on Antelope Island on their way to Bend. Camping in the park we visited was very limited – 5 RV spaces which are basically parking spaces and two tent sites by the water.

Besides the brine shrimp in the waters, I was amazed by the brine flies on the plants near the shore. When we walked by, disturbing them, they took off in a noisy swarm. The flies were hardly apparent, but the noise was awesome.

From the lake we drove I-80 through the south end of Salt Lake City, then climbed through Parley’s Canyon. Beautiful rock formations. The entire trip was full of curves and ups and down. We looked for a campground in WY to spend the night, but found none with space for the night that was close to the road. Hence, we stopped for the night at the Evanston WY Walmart, did a little shopping, ate dinner, and went to bed. We hope to do more distance tomorrow.

Comments about this Walmart. Very large and well-stocked. Because it is one of the few places to stop for a rest, there is a constant stream of trucks parking at the outer edges of the lot. I have never seen so many struck sand RVs at a Walmart. But it is cooler here because of the higher elevation and we expect a pleasant night.