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Idaho and Eastern Oregon

Tue 4-Jun-2024 Idaho, Oregon, Travel |

After breakfast we spent some time driving and walking through the lava flows of Craters of the Moon NM. It was a bright, sunny day with just a bit of wind. There were... more

Wind, rain, and fog

Mon 3-Jun-2024 Idaho, Travel, Wyoming |

It was quite a day. We left the Gros Ventre CG and drove through Jackson where we admired the elk antler arches. The Tetons were covered in fog today — nearly... more

Honeysuckle NFS Campground

Sun 16-Jul-2023 Idaho, Travel |

Our day started  quietly at Lost Creek Campground.  Watching the sun rise on the side of the canyon and, also, watching the black-eared rack rabbits and chipmunks... more

Idaho to Bozeman MT

Sun 13-Jun-2021 Idaho, Montana, Travel |

From our Apgar CG site we continued along Route 12 next to the river. For most of the beginning of the trip the Seaway-bitterroot wilderness was on the other side of... more

Lostine to Lowell ID

Sat 12-Jun-2021 Idaho, Oregon, Travel |

Incredible gorgeous drive today. We went up the side of one mountain, then down the other, then up another – ranging from 3500 to 5800 feet. At the Joseph Canyon... more