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Sun 20-Aug-2017 Travel, Wyoming | | Map

Eclipse preparations at Glendo State Park

Eclipse preparations at Glendo State Park

Today the weather is great in Glendo, Wyoming and, more important,  is expected to be great tomorrow! (However as I write this, we see a rainbow in the distance!)

The park does not allow drones (danger to people and to helicopters on rescue missions). David plans to fly the drone during totality. So we took the back road out of the park to find a place to fly on someone’s ranch. We found a great spot, with view of the reservoir, on a dirt road off the highway. We set up the camera (Canon 6D, 70-300mm zoom at 300) and the same 60 mm telescope and tripod that David used to view the eclipse with his father and Ron Diamond in 1963 as a Senior in high school. After we set up, the landowner showed up and collected a small fee for use of his land — Great, because now we have official permission and the drone was not a problem!

The testing went well. We got a great video of the surrounding countryside, below.

After lunch we walked the beach and took some more photos.