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Mon 31-May-2021 Oregon, Travel | | Map

Cascade Lakes

Cascade Lakes

Amanda had Memorial Day off so she went with us out west from Bend on the Cascade Lakes highway.

Amanda was driving her RAV-4 and we our van until we arrived at Little Lava Lake where we found an open campground site. We registered for the site and continued on in her car — looking for views and dispersed camping sites that Brian had suggested.

The day was crystal clear with stunning views of the snow capped mountains.

We took the road to Devil’s Lake which was just barely open. Plenty of snow on the side of the road and slushy drifts across the road. We parked and then walked through the slush to see the lake. Other people tried to drive through the snow — some successfully, one stuck.

From there we drove to a reservoir that had several beautiful dispersed sites, but the mosquitoes were fierce.

From there we drove to Crane Prairie Reservoir and found a gorgeous , huge site right on the edge of the water. Fire ring and cut wood were provided.

After throwing a stick for Louie for a while, we returned to Little Lava Lake for a walk to the lake and dinner – pork tenderloin, bread, and salad. Amanda returned to town promising to meet us out at Crane Prairie the next evening.