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Mon 24-May-2021 Oregon, Travel | | Map

Bend Oregon

Bend Oregon

Route 20 to Bend is a 65-mph road through desert and mountains which took us directly to Bend. Along much of the road there are no homes or services. At one point we were warned that there was no gas for 130 miles.

We arrived in late afternoon just as Amanda was finishing work for the day. After being shown her lovely home and yard and reminding Louie that we are friends, we drove downtown to meet Brian for a beer at an outdoor beer garden and dinner, also outdoors, at a food truck garden. The fish tacos and fries with carne asada were wonderful as was a second beer.

We had walked along the River before dinner and returned to our cars through a park with amazing lodgepole and ponderosa pines. Before heading home we made two stops. One to see Brian’s office. The other to see surfing on the Deschutes River.