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Wed 26-May-2021 Oregon, Travel | | Map

Lovely lava

Lovely lava

We headed south from Bend in the morning.  After a few housekeeping chores we headed  to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.  Here we can see the flows and cinders from volcanic eruptions from 12000 to 7000 years ago.  

We started with a drive to the top of Lava Butte, 5020 feet.  There we climbed to the foot of the busiest fire tower in Oregon and walked the rim of a dormant volcano.  

From there we drove to Lava cast Forest trailhead.  An amazing walk through a Lava field where we could see giant holes left when the lava rolled in against trees, setting them on fire.  In time the lava hardened, the trees burned and rotted, leaving holes where the trees are. In some of the holes we could see impressions of the bark on the Ponderosa pines. One hole was deep enough that snow remained in the shadows,

After hiking about the lava field we traveled a forest road, rather rough and rutted, until we entered the part of the Deschutes  National Forest which is not part of the national monument.  There we located a cleared area right next to a lava flow where we are permitted to camp.  

David climbed to the top,of the flow to check out the site — just miles of lava with a few manzanita bushes beginning to grow.

Amanda drove out from town, just about 30 minutes, to join us for dinner — lamb chops, asparagus, potatoes and salad.  Louie accompanied her and enjoyed chasing sticks and balls.