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Fri 12-Aug-2016 Brazil, Travel | 0 comments | Map



Andrew, Emily, and I took a day to be tourists. We headed to Sugarloaf to take the gondola up to the mountains. We were so lucky as the weather was just beginning to clear when we set out and beautiful by the time the Uber got us to the base, so there were virtually no lines. The views from the tops of the two mountains are spectacular and there is a lovely restaurant on the top to look out over the city and the bay. The restaurant was quite busy with people watching the sailing regattas using very large telescopes. After our time on the mountain, we headed down for a trip to the Official Olympic Store so I could buy tee shirts for my grandchildren who were at home. From there we started our walk home, with a stop at a traditional Brazilian grill (churrascaria). The spread of salads was appealing to Emily (and the rest of us) and the meat choices were wonderful, albeit a little salty for my taste.

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