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Ouabache State Park

Mon 20-Jun-2016 Indiana, Travel | 0 comments

Today we had to drive a bit on I-90, but left it east of Cleveland to head down I-71 to reach Rt 30 that we would take across Ohio.  This route once again avoided... more

Driving Home

Sat 18-Jun-2016 Massachusetts, Travel | 0 comments

After leaving Savoy Mountain State Park, we stopped briefly at the Central Shaft of the Hoosac tunnel.  When the tunnel was originally dug, from about 1850 to 1875, the... more

Mount Greylock

Fri 17-Jun-2016 Massachusetts, Travel | 0 comments

Mount Greylock is the tallest mountain in Massachusetts and can be climbed by car. This morning we drove up, a slow, steep climb and took a 2.5 mile loop hike around... more

North Adams

Thu 16-Jun-2016 Massachusetts, Travel | 0 comments

We planned a quiet day with a number of stops. First, we headed down the Mohawk Trail into North Adams to stop at my Aunt Leone’s house that I visited in the... more

Acton MA

Thu 9-Jun-2016 Massachusetts, Travel | 0 comments

We spent two nights with Page and Charlie at their new home in Acton MA. It’s a great house with a rural feel because of conservation land located in their... more


Sun 5-Jun-2016 Events | 0 comments

The US Women’s Olympic Rowing Training Center is located in Princeton. David and I said goodbye to Weemie and, missing the reunion breakfast on Sunday, drove to... more