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Mon 1-Feb-2016 Arizona, Travel | | Map

Tucson Winter

After a couple of high-70 degree days, Tucson certainly has had a change of weather.

We spent Sunday afternoon and evening with Tucson friends, Katherine and John. Katherine and I went to elementary and junior high school together in Swarthmore, PA. When we arrived at their home, it was very warm and very windy. During the night the wind picked up for a while and the rain came — probably only about 1/2 inch — then things settled down, but the morning temperature was in the 40s. The news reports stated that trees were down all over Tucson and the road to Mount Lemmon was closed by downed trees and snow.

Janet had an appointment with a Tucson doctor for an eye treatment. That went well, but we wanted to stay nearby for a day or two to make sure there were no complications. We settled in at Catalina State Park for the night. The park is completely full, partly because it is very popular as it is near great hiking, partly because the Gem and Mineral show is on, and partly (we assume) because people are not moving on because of the snow to the north and west of here. We were not able to secure an electric site, but were able to keep Vanessa warm with our diesel furnace even though the temperature was in the 30s this morning and is expected to be 20s tonight.