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Tue 5-Aug-2014 Minnesota, Travel | 0 comments | Map



Flat, flat, and more flat. As we drove toward Winnipeg the land became even flatter and the size of the fields became even larger. Canola, wheat, and flax were still the most common crops. The flax is remarkable. As we approach a flax field it appears to be a lake in the distance. The illusion is intensified in that area because the fields are not generally rectangular. There are many lakes and low areas in the land so the fields follow the contours of the lakes. Oddly, the flax fields look like lakes with islands of water and trees.

Further west and after we turned south just before Winnipeg, there were more cattle and the crops became mostly “cereal” crops (rye, oats, wheat) and soy beans (!) – We knew we were getting closer to home. Near the US-Canadian border we began to see corn, and in Minnesota there were potatoes and sugar beets.

Everywhere continues to be flat, mostly agricultural, and relatively treeless. One surprise was that throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and even into Minnesota there are lots of elm trees. The Dutch Elm disease has not made it this far north and west.

Today was a long day of driving. We hope now to have time to linger at a stop in Minnesota to do a little walking. We spent the night at the Polk County Park on Maple Point Lake. Dinner was sliced pork tenderloin, the bean salad, beets, and peas.

Polk County Park Campground Review: Located about 4 miles off Route 2 in Minnesota, the campground has 50ish sites along the lake in a treed area. All sites have electric, some have water and sewer also. Central RV dump and beautiful shower/toilet facility. Not too many people seem to come here for a single night or short vacation. Most of the sites appear to be occupied by “seasonal” campers who set up their trailer for an extended period. That does not make this an unpleasant place to stay. The campground is very quiet and clean and our site was very private. There is a sandy beach with designated swimming area, a beach-volleyball net, and boat ramp. Fee varies with the services at your site: $12.83 – $21.38.



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