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Wed 6-Aug-2014 Minnesota, Travel | 0 comments | Map



Janet has always been interested in visiting Bemidji, MN, but only interested enough to go if it was on a convenient route when traveling. David had worked with undergraduates from Bemidji State on research projects in the past. Also one of our favorite graduate students from New Mexico Tech, Nancy, had been at Bemidji before she started her chlorine-36 research.

Today was the day for a visit. We stopped in Bemidji at the Diamond Point Park and enjoyed the lakeshore. We also learned that the park is so named because of the quartzite rocks found in the area that look like diamonds. An earlier settler thought that the rocks were valuable; when he found that they weren’t, rather than being disappointed, he continued to market the land as valuable to gullible investors.

Of course, the “not-to-be-missed” site in Bemidji is Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe. We found the statue at lakeside. Looks just like the pictures we have seen. Paul is about 18-feet tall and weighs more than a ton. Also learned that there are five other Paul Bunyan statues in the US: 2 more in Minnesota, 1 each in Maine, California, and Oregon. The one in Kalmath, CA is the largest at 49-feet. It looks as if I have some more places to visit.

We found Bemidji a very pleasant place. Lovely homes along the lakeshore. Could imagine living there, during the summer at least.

We found a campground at Leech Lake. In the late 1800s, six dams were built in northern Minnesota to control the waters of the Mississippi to keep levels of the river navigable. Leech Lake is controlled by one of those dams. So we are camping at the headwaters of the Mississippi. The campground is very pleasant. Dinner was grilled meat and vegetables which we had to eat inside as the mosquitoes were fierce.

Leech Lake Campground (US Army Corp of Engineers): 70-some large, deep sites with picnic tables and fire rings. Services vary from none to full and prices vary accordingly. Sites can be reserved, but are available with no reservations for sites not already reserved at least two days in advance. Most people who camp here come with a boat. Boats can be brought back to your site, left at the small dock, or left in the lakeside parking area. Bring your bug spray.



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