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Riverside Hiking

Thu 31-Aug-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments

We left the van at daybreak to avoid the heat of the day.  It was in the 70s, cloudy, and breezy. We took the shuttle to Weeping Rock.  There a short walk takes you to... more

East of Zion

Wed 30-Aug-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments

Today our plan included driving east through the park, traveling through the 1.1 mile tunnel built in the 30s, climbing to the Canyon Overlook,  and exploring east  and... more

Watchman Trail

Tue 29-Aug-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments

Today’s early morning walk was the Watchman Trail — a 3-4 mile walk up to great views of the canyon.  Since the trail is on the east side of the canyon, we... more

Zion National Park

Sun 27-Aug-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments

Before leaving Snow Canyon SP and while it was still a bit “cool” (only 77-degrees), we took a walk along a trail among the rocks. The surprise was the very... more

Green River, Utah

Fri 25-Aug-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments

After awakening in the beautiful, but very cold, mountains along the Guenella highway, we headed west on I-70.  The temperature soon rose from 45-degrees to into the... more

Denver Area

Thu 24-Aug-2017 Colorado, Travel | 0 comments

August 22 We packed up and headed south from Glendo.  Our goals included an RV store to look at our refrigerator which is not keeping up to temperature and a stop at an... more