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Fri 25-Aug-2017 Travel, Utah | 0 comments | Map

Green River, Utah

Green River, Utah

After awakening in the beautiful, but very cold, mountains along the Guenella highway, we headed west on I-70.  The temperature soon rose from 45-degrees to into the 90s.  The drive along I-70 is so scenic and an engineering miracle.

We have a lot of miles to cover, so it was a relief to pull into the Green River State Park in, you guessed it, Green River.  The park is little more than a campground and a golf course.  No one was golfing, probably because the temperature was 100-degrees.  The campground is pleasant with widely spaced sites and lots of cottonwoods and Russian olives for shade.

There are no trails in the park — not even allowed to hike the cart path in the golf course — but the park manager suggested a walk a mile or so away – Monument Hill.  The hill is home to two large concrete sculptures.  “The Golden Mean” is an arrangement representing a Fibonacci series.  “Elements” pays tribute to Earth, wind, water, and fire.  The sculptures were commissioned by a math teacher from Washington who visited this area often by train and thought to add some culture to the scenery. Walking to the hill and up and around it was a pleasant although hot walk.

We also discovered that this area is known for its melons.  Our cantaloupe was outstanding.  We even went back to the stand for a second one.