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Fri 6-Sep-2019 Nova Scotia, Travel | 0 comments | Map

New Glasgow Riverwalk

We left our site at Battery PP as they were closing at noon in anticipation of the hurricane’s arrival. David has decided we should head to New Glasgow which was on the other side of the expected landfall and to the west of the anticipated central path.

We pulled into a Walmart there that permits overnight parking. It was very busy with people stocking up for the storm. They still had bread, milk, and eggs in stock. There were two semi trailers parked at the edge of the parking lot and we chose to park next to them for protection and, for the time being, shade. There were several other RVs in the lot.

In the early afternoon we decided to take a walk to the New Glasgow Riverwalk. The old train tracks along the river have been converted into a linear park along the river.

We started the walk by walking through the small mall next to Walmart. Typical mall stores and a Canadian Tire. Every person checking out of Canadian Tire had in the cart either a generator or a heavy duty extension cord or both. From the mall we walked through a pleasant neighborhood to a cemetery where we found the entry way to the Riverwalk. The walk was lovely and we didn’t do it justice by just walking a short way before we decided to return to the van. Our total walk was just 4 miles.

Back at the van, Janet was disappointed to see that all the other RVs had decided to move on. We checked and the most recent predictions were that the hurricane would track further west than originally predicted. Hence, we were closer to the centerline. David, the eternal optimist, felt we would be fine. By this time, many fewer people were shopping at Walmart.

Soon a tractor trailer came and moved the two semis to the back of Walmart. At this point we decided that we would move to the side of Walmart in the morning as we would be sheltered there.



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