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Sun 1-Sep-2019 Nova Scotia, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Warren Lake Trail

Warren Lake Trail

The Warren Lake Trail head is a 1.25 mile walk from the Broad Cove CG or a short drive.  We had to move from one site to another anyway, so we drove.

The dirt road into the lake passes the road to Mary Ann Falls (warnings posted about the condition of the road)  and the trailhead for the Broad Cove Mountain Trail.

Warren Lake is a small freshwater lake filled by Warren Brook at one end and drained by it at the other. There are also several smaller streams going into the lake around the edge. Near these inlets it is a bit marshy with lily pads and grasses.  There are signs to confirm it is moose habitat, but once again we saw nary a sign of one.

The trail is a well-marked and well-maintained 3.5 miles.  At places there are benches, and boardwalks have been built over wet spots.  There are two bridges over Warren Brook, one right at the beach near the parking area.  The beach is a wide sandy one.  There were families sunning themselves with kids building sand castles.  A couple of kayakers had stopped on the beach to eat lunch.

The second bridge is a suspension bridge at about the half-way point of the walk, perhaps 30 feet long, that was built in 2017.  It’s a solid, handsome structure that gives good views of the brook.  No sign of fish.  In fact our wildlife spotting consisted of a squirrel and a few birds.  Lots of moss and ferns, birch, beech, maple, and spruce.

I would rate the trail as easy except for the roots and a few rocky areas.  With sturdy hiking boots and a hiking stick I had no problem, but you had to watch where you put your foot down.