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Fri 2-Sep-2016 Events | 0 comments | Map

Visit to Cumberland

Visit to Cumberland

We headed to Cumberland MD to visit Andrew and his family as well as welcome home Amanda. This was the first time we saw her since she returned from Rio.

As always, we enjoyed our visit with Andrew and family.

Wednesday night we all went to Our grandson’s soccer game. Amanda brought her gold medal so that each of the team could hold it and try it on. We were soon to learn that a gold medal attracts a lot of people. And why not, few of us have ever seen one before. The game was well-played and enjoyable, even if our team didn’t win.

Thursday we went out to dinner at Giuseppe’s, in Frostburg — owned by Andrew and Jen’s friend Mark. The highlight of the drive to Frostburg was the many old cars cruising along or parked beside the streets. Our grandchikdren were particularly excited to see the beautifully restored vehicles — most from the ’50s or early ’60s. Dinner at Giuseppe’s was excellent. Once again Amanda and her medal drew a crowd.



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