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Mon 5-Feb-2018 Arizona, Texas, Travel | 0 comments | Map

El Paso TX to Benson AZ

El Paso TX to Benson AZ

We turned a four hour drive into one nearly twice as long. Rather than take I-10 from El Paso to Benson we chose to follow Route 9 and then 80 through New Mexico and into Arizona.

This route took us along the border with Mexico and through some very dry and scrubby ranch land. We paused for lunch at Pancho Villa SP which we may stay at sometime so we can explore the museums in the area and walk to Mexico for a lunch at the Pink House.

All along this route we found places we would like to revisit — particularly the Chiricahua Mountains area and Bisbee AZ.

We ended up in Kartcher Caverns SP where we had a reservation — a necessity if you want to stay at this beautiful park. Besides tours of the Caverns there is great hiking and beautiful views. Worth a several day stay, but we are staying just one night as we need to be in Tucson at 7 AM Wednesday for service on our Sprinter.



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