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Tue 20-Feb-2018 California, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Beautiful Canyon Hike

Beautiful Canyon Hike

When we step out of the van, there are two canyons stretching off into the hills. We headed up one, determined to walk as far as we were able.

The area here is lightly used, but too much trash has been left behind. At our campsite there are the remains of plastic skeets and shotgun and rifle casings. Further along we found an old rusty metal chair and metal bed springs. At a tight place in the canyon we encountered an old car. Guess they drive as far in as possible and abandoned it.

From the car onward, the canyon began to narrow and the elevation gain increased. We were very pleased to ultimately reach a high plateau with views of the Salton Sea, Mecca CA, and some snow capped mountains to the northwest.

The trip back was, as usual when heading down, an easy walk. We did notice some graffiti carved into one rock — a date: January 1950. For all the erosion in the area, it must take a great deal of rain for it to occur and I don’t think that happens often.

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