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Tue 17-Sep-2019 New Hampshire, New York, Travel, Vermont | 0 comments | Map

Gorham NH to Utica NY

We were a bit sad to leave Moose Brook SP behind, but it was time to get serious about heading west. Janet chose a route that while not the fastest, was very scenic, passing by mountains and lakes, through scenic New England towns. Basically, Route 2 which took us to Burlington and Lake Champlain. We made a stop at Red Rocks Park to walk out to the beach and admire the lake

We headed down the east side of Lake Champlain and crossed the bridge to head to the NY Thruway. Our route took us through Ironville NY which we learned is the “Birthplace of the Electrical Age.” Turns out this was the town that made the first commercial use of electricity and the electric motor was invented here by Thomas Davenport.

Once we were on the Thruway we made better time, stopping in Utica at a Walmart for the night. Pretty quiet night except for then parking lot vacuum starting at 7 AM.