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Austin to Del Rio

Wed 25-Jan-2023 Texas, Travel | 0 comments

Pleasant drive today under blue skies.  Pleasant except for the traffic jam in San Antonio — too much construction and too many cars.  Once past the... more

Wyatt and Clay split wood

Thu 9-Jun-2022 Family | 0 comments

David took down a huge oat tree, so we called on the boys to split it. Wyatt and Clay had offered to make a road trip down and split for two days. They are amazing... more

Janet’s Wood-Fired Pizza

Fri 16-Jul-2021 Tech | 0 comments

All pizzas start with 8 oz of dough made from Antimo Caputo “00” Pizzeria Flour. Most pizzas have shredded Mozzarella and/or Provolone cheese (M&P).  Some... more

Benham Falls

Sun 6-Jun-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

After a late breakfast and a short walk, we all headed home from Crane Prairie Reservoir. Amanda, David, and I took a quick detour to Benham Falls – a slight... more

Desert camping

Sat 29-May-2021 Oregon, Travel | 0 comments

For the Memorial Day weekend we planned to camp with Amanda and Brian’s friends Kate and Dylan at a secluded spot on the Silver Lake Reservoir. Unfortunately when we... more