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Island on Sand Lake

Mon 17-Jun-2019 Ontario | 0 comments

On Saturday we headed to the Elmore family island in Ontario Canada where we had not visited since 2003.  Such a good time.  so much the same, so much... more

Rochester reunion

Sat 15-Jun-2019 New York | 0 comments

In Rochester we had a wonderful visit with Lucy and Jake Shealy and Udo Fehn and wife Christine Long.  While there Lucy and Jake hosted a lively dinner with more old... more

Teske visit

Thu 14-Mar-2019 Travel, Virginia | 0 comments

Since we were heading to Annapolis to see Andrew and Family, we managed to visit our old Rochester neighbors, Norrie and Marty, who now live in Williamsburg VA in a... more

Fresh rock

Tue 26-Feb-2019 Events | 0 comments

After a freezing night we had two loads of rock spread on our road to the old barn at about 2 inches deep. Then I used the blade on the tractor to smooth it out and... more