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Thu 1-Mar-2018 Arizona, Travel | 0 comments | Map

Alamo Lake Dam

Alamo Lake Dam

I heard burros braying during the night — loud enough to wake me up. Then this morning I saw 6 on the hill next to us — one was a very young baby!

In the morning we took a drive to check out the other three campgrounds here. Loop E is particularly nice if you like primitive camping. We also found that that area of the park gets stronger “Off network” service than where we are. We can see the cell tower on a distant mountain; cell data when visible is good enough for streaming video and our unlimited AT&T service seems to give unlimited off network service.

We drove to the Bill Williams Overlook to see the dam and eat lunch. We also sent up the drone from there for great pictures of the dam and lake. Then after talking with the ranger, we hiked a very steep, rocky, old Jeep road up to the highest point around where there is communications equipment for the park and dam. We came back down on a more recently built and more frequently used road which was longer, but it was less steep.